kos-mos is dead, meet t-elos

The old file server was a beast. 2 2.4GHz dual-core Opterons, the old 90nm chips. 5GB (don’t ask) of RAM. And…2.7TB of storage, with a big pile of 250GB and 500GB drives mashed together into several arrays that were dumped into a volume group. The whole thing was encrypted just for kicks. There was also […]

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ISA is not fast

Using a pair of ISA IDE controllers for a mirror, and an ISA NIC is a recipe for sloooooow. md2 : active raid1 sda3[2] sdb3[1] 425600 blocks [2/1] [_U] [====>…………….] recovery = 24.3% (104064/425600) finish=10.5min speed=508K/sec Oh yeah.

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Dead hard drives from flight sim project: 2

I like to say all hard drives fail, it’s just a matter of when. Well while going through hardware to build these flight sim boxes, so far two drives have turned up bad. Both were working when stored. Mirror everything unless you want to lose it!

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kos-mos is healthy again

With the receipt of a replacement drive that took about a year for me to send back for warranty repair, all the RAIDs in kos-mos are rebuilt and happy now. Seagate sent a 400GB model to replace the 250GB I sent out. Doesn’t gain me anything really since I don’t have any other 400GB drives. […]

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HPT-366 finale: giving up.

Yeah, I’m a quitter. After having some more interrupt issues with the HPT-366 IDE controller in the old file server, this morning I decided to make another effort to get to the bottom of it. The issues I was having seemed to coincide with the tulip ethernet driver reporting various problems. First on the list, […]

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HPT-366 chipset suuuucks

Well maybe that’s not fair. It’s possibly the entire motherboard that sucks, but I’m leaning towards just the ol’ HPT-366 silicon. Also, this is ancient technology to most people…but around here there’s nothing wrong with that. The chipset is embedded on an Abit BE6-II motherboard. This is back when Abit was both still in business […]

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Self-repairing hardware

In this post I rambled on and on about the benefits of redundant storage. Well, somewhat dubiously the “failed” hard drive in my Windows box decided to start working again, and the rebuild of the array completed this morning. It pretty much tried to rebuild the array after every power up and failed pretty quickly, […]

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RAAAAIIIIID? (disk failures)

I’m sitting here with two dead hard drives on my desk. One 250GB SATA drive, one 160GB, both Seagate. The 250GB drive is a little over two years old, the 160GB a bit over a year old. The point I’d like to make isn’t that “Seagate sucks” – drives fail. I buy Seagate drives for […]

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