Make Home Affordable: Conventional refi out of the question

Almost forgot to mention this. Obviously, US Bank never got back to me about a Home Affordable Refinance. Funny, I’m pretty sure that if I missed a payment I wouldn’t even have to ask them to call me! Anyway, with rates low again I looked into a conventional refinance. I obtained a few quotes, none […]

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You know what they say

In the mail today, received a check from the water authority at the old house. I forgot all about that deposit six years ago, but the utility dutifully returned it when the new tenant switched it to their name. A nice surprise, then! Except in the same day’s mail was the sanitation bill from the […]

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Mortgage poor

A week or so ago was the one year mark of owning (and making payments on) my new home in Roswell. It also marks a less auspicious anniversary: a year of living “mortgage poor.” It’s my own choice, and I knew going in that it would be painful short term, but it’s worth reflecting on […]

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Hot in here

Working from home today. The computer room is upstairs, and it’s in the low 80s outside. Downstairs it’s 76. Up here it’s at least 82. When I have the money, definitely going to install a dual-zoned system so the upstairs is reasonable without freezing the downstairs.

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