HPT-366 finale: giving up.

Yeah, I’m a quitter. After having some more interrupt issues with the HPT-366 IDE controller in the old file server, this morning I decided to make another effort to get to the bottom of it. The issues I was having seemed to coincide with the tulip ethernet driver reporting various problems. First on the list, […]

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HPT-366, breakage workaround

Looks like I have been able to get around the issues with the HPT-366 chipset. I have a filesystem reorg (xfs_fsr) going on with the system, heavy drive activity, and no timeouts or bus resets. The solution was to turn everything on, including DMA and write cache, but explicitly disabling interrupt unmask. Now with all […]

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HPT-366 chipset suuuucks

Well maybe that’s not fair. It’s possibly the entire motherboard that sucks, but I’m leaning towards just the ol’ HPT-366 silicon. Also, this is ancient technology to most people…but around here there’s nothing wrong with that. The chipset is embedded on an Abit BE6-II motherboard. This is back when Abit was both still in business […]

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