HPT-366 chipset suuuucks

Well maybe that’s not fair. It’s possibly the entire motherboard that sucks, but I’m leaning towards just the ol’ HPT-366 silicon. Also, this is ancient technology to most people…but around here there’s nothing wrong with that. The chipset is embedded on an Abit BE6-II motherboard. This is back when Abit was both still in business […]

May 9, 2009 · agw · One Comment
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Self-repairing hardware

In this post I rambled on and on about the benefits of redundant storage. Well, somewhat dubiously the “failed” hard drive in my Windows box decided to start working again, and the rebuild of the array completed this morning. It pretty much tried to rebuild the array after every power up and failed pretty quickly, […]

April 28, 2009 · agw · One Comment
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RAAAAIIIIID? (disk failures)

I’m sitting here with two dead hard drives on my desk. One 250GB SATA drive, one 160GB, both Seagate. The 250GB drive is a little over two years old, the 160GB a bit over a year old. The point I’d like to make isn’t that “Seagate sucks” – drives fail. I buy Seagate drives for […]

April 16, 2009 · agw · 4 Comments
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