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NetBSD 5.0.1 released

…so if this site vanishes for a week you know I totally screwed the upgrade up. Quite a few changes. Looks like the package vulnerability checks have received attention and are now handled all in one command, pkg_admin. All the security fixes I applied are also bundled into the new release. I think I will […]

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Keeping NetBSD and pkgsrc up2date

Carl Sagan said, “If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.” This kind of reminds me of doing security updates on NetBSD. It appears there are various efforts to provide binaries, but the official way as of NetBSD 5.0 is to do it yourself. Obviously, NetBSD’s security […]

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Apache upgrade “oops”

Doing the first round of pkgsrc updates on the NetBSD machine. Decided to start with Apache. Ran “make update”, entered the root password not really reading what it was asking…and pkgsrc happily removed Apache from the system. It being late, and not having sudo installed yet, I didn’t want to wait for the compilation so […]

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After a few days of tinkering and learning, (and the sites it hosts, such as this one) is running on my Sunblade 100 and the sparc64 NetBSD port. I’m still checking things out, and one or two services still need to be moved off of nanbara, but everything really important is working. The root […]

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NetBSD – intriguing.

I’ve been playing around with NetBSD lately. It all started from a desire to do some I/O benchmarks on the various UNIX and UNIX-like operating systems available for the Amiga. You can see the first results of that here. I decided to do NetBSD as it appears to be the only one among Amiga UNIX […]

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