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Refinanced at last

After I gave up on the Make Home Affordable (ha!) program, I pretty much gave up on refinancing entirely. I guess one benefit of the awful economy, though, is that interest rates remained low and actually continued to drop substantially. When the spread between what I was paying and what was available went over two […]

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Make Home Affordable: Conventional refi out of the question

Almost forgot to mention this. Obviously, US Bank never got back to me about a Home Affordable Refinance. Funny, I’m pretty sure that if I missed a payment I wouldn’t even have to ask them to call me! Anyway, with rates low again I looked into a conventional refinance. I obtained a few quotes, none […]

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You know what they say

In the mail today, received a check from the water authority at the old house. I forgot all about that deposit six years ago, but the utility dutifully returned it when the new tenant switched it to their name. A nice surprise, then! Except in the same day’s mail was the sanitation bill from the […]

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Mortgage poor

A week or so ago was the one year mark of owning (and making payments on) my new home in Roswell. It also marks a less auspicious anniversary: a year of living “mortgage poor.” It’s my own choice, and I knew going in that it would be painful short term, but it’s worth reflecting on […]

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Make Home Affordable: The sound of silence

On April 21, I called my mortgage servicer regarding the government’s Making Home Affordable stimulus program for loan modification and refinancing. Well, here it is, May 16…I haven’t heard anything either by phone or mail. It’s kind of frustrating since I know the low rates are not going to last forever, and every first-of-the-month that […]

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Stolen credit card number – again.

Well it’s happened again, and somehow one of my credit cards has been compromised. Happily I discovered this much faster than last time. Last time, I think it was 2003, my BofA card was used to buy World of Warcraft gold(!) and hundreds of dollars of telephone/internet services and equipment by somebody in eastern Europe. […]

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Make Home Affordable: Don’t call us, we’ll call you

Finally got around to calling my loan servicer, US Bank, again, figuring that “first week of April” was long enough in the past to allow for small delays in their timetable. After 30 minutes on hold, not bad from what I hear, I spoke with a representative. She was very terse, probably due to the […]

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Make Home Affordable: Call us back in April

Kind of frustrating. Last week I was told to call back…well, today. After finally getting through to USAA, they told me they were not participating and could only help with a traditional refinance. OK…kind of weird, since I was referred to that number being a place to contact a “plan specialist.” I went back to […]

March 12, 2009 · agw · 3 Comments
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Make Home Affordable: Hold times and redirection

I originally planned on starting this process Friday, but decided to try and get started today. The first call to the mortgage servicing number (US Bank) immediately went into a recording stating to call another number if interested in the new plan. Calling that number I was treated to a lengthy(!) explanation of the program […]

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Making Home Affordable plan. Yes I can?

When the details of the Making Home Affordable plan were announced yesterday, I expected to find that I was not eligible. Everybody is always talking about the government bailing out irresponsible borrowers, people who bought more than they could afford. I do not consider myself one of those people. A number I’ve often seen touted […]

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