ART makes the Galaxy Nexus new again

Android 4.4 introduced ART, or Android Runtime. The big difference between this runtime and Dalvik is speed, and lots of it! KitKat already aims to be more efficient on devices with less RAM and these days, the Galaxy Nexus qualifies. Before starting out with the Cyanogenmod 11 nightlies I was using an app to set oom_adj in an effort to keep my work email from getting terminated whenever I opened Firefox on my device. With 4.4, this is no longer necessary and coupled with ART it feels like I have a brand new phone again.

For example, scrolling and switching between apps is noticeably smoother. Application startup is faster. Apps react faster and more fluidly than before. The battery seems to be lasting longer too, although I had already made great strides there by disabling Exchange services. Using the Samsung 2100mAH battery, the phone is generally around 50% battery with plenty of use by the end of the day. This is with my day starting at 4:30am and ending by 8:30pm to 10:00pm. Considering this thing used to gulp down a 3500mAH battery in less than a day, I call that progress.

Big thanks to CM for continuing to support the Galaxy Nexus with new releases. 10.3 was already performing nicely, but 11 is really great on memory constrained devices!


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