Wireless network revamp completed

Nearly completed, anyway. The way it wound up is the old WRT54GL with DD-WRT still holds the internet connection. The WRT610N is bridged to it over LAN, and both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks are in use there. Final result is three wireless APs set up. The G network contains devices that only want to use the internet, like my roommate’s stuff, my work phone, etc. The 2.4GHz N network supports the living room media such as the PC and consoles. Finally, the 5GHz N network contains the stuff in the basement including the file server.

In the long run, it cost more than I expected to get everything the way I wanted. However, I’m really pleased with the throughput I’m getting on all the various devices. For example, from the basement to the second floor is now 7-8MB/sec! With the use of wireless bridges I was able to avoid putting wireless adapters in everything, so the machines still connect over plain old ethernet.

The only thing I have left to do really, besides cleaning up all the cabling I hastily laid out, is to reflash the WRT610N with DD-WRT once the warranty expires in June. Having freed up the powerline adapters, I’m thinking of doing some VLANs for certain equipment and setting up an old PC in the garage for use when I’m working on the cars. I’m surprised how frequently I need to look something up, which means I have to wash my hands, make sure my shoes aren’t dirty, etc, etc, before heading back inside to take a look.

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