Rebuilding (again)

In this post I describe the imminent failure of a power supply fan in my DL320. It did stop spinning, at which point the machine entered a cyclical self-power-cycling: the machine would come up, and quickly shut down once it noticed the power supply fan was stopped. Repeat.

With nothing left to lose, I pulled the fan out of the PS and hit it with some Liquid Wrench(r). This actually worked. I was able to get the machine running again so I could transfer the data to a new machine. And what “new machine” would that be? Why, the ancient nanbara of course. We’re talking 500MHz of AMD K6-2 power. Basically going from 933MHz, 2GB to 500MHz, 256MB. And from relatively speedy SCSI drives to a much slower mix of IDE drives.

This is actually entirely on purpose. Until recently,’s equipment was the place where I put my worst equipment to operate until it died. So, really, this is just the return of that mode of operation. I have worse equipment, but nanbara is about as slow and crappy as I can get while still keeping things reasonably quick. i.e., I do have a socket 4 system with a Pentium 133 Overdrive (remember those?) waiting in the wings…but I think that would really, truly, be too damn slow, even with php5-xcache. I may try it at some point anyway.

Here’s some pictures of the “build.” The rackmount server is the nice machine with the bad fan ($10 to repair – not going to do it right now…yep I’m that strapped). Everything else is nanbara. Note the box o’ random drives…getting kinda thin!

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